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20 Monastery Road (off Abbot Francis Road), Mariannhill Monastery, 3624

P.O Box 10441, Ashwood, 3605, RSA

Tel: 031 700 4251   /   031 700 5105

Fax: 031 700 6762

Rob Cell: 083 2344 186




(Directions as per heading from Creative to Mariannhill Mission Press)

1. At the intersection outside Creative Print World, turn left into Crompton Street.

2. Then take your first left into Union Lane.

3. When you get to the end of Union Lane, at the Stop Street turn left.

4. You will now be at an intersection where you will turn right into Josiah Gumede Road (Old Main Road).

5. Head straight along on Josiah Gumede Road that will then change to Richmond Road where you will head over several intersections.

6. After you pass the Licensing Department on your right, proceed straight on.

7. Turn right at the first set of robots onto Abbot Francis Road

8. Drive for another 400m bear right and drive under the Mariannhill Monastery Arch Way.

9. Carry on straight till the end of the road and you will find Mariannhill Mission Press on your left.