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How to Get a Business Card Design People Won’t Throw Away


How to Get a Business Card Design People Won’t Throw Away

Most business cards are boring as hell. A small slip of paper with some numbers and text on it, that we’re supposed to hold on to and reference later? Count me out. I don’t even keep receipts, and I technically pay for them.

Business cards are boring. They just are. We hand them out at professional networking events or leave them in a stack at the front desk for visitors to take with them. And that’s where it ends. The rest is up to fate. In the age of the internet, some would argue the business card is as outdated as a landline. I’m here to tell you it only seems that business cards are dying because we’re letting it happen. Bad design can kill any creative endeavor and business cards are no exception.

But how can you ensure your business card wont get left behind or tossed in the garbage? To get a business card people won’t want to throw away, takes a little creativity. There are a number of design elements you could experiment with to make sure your business card makes the right impression on behalf of you and your brand.


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