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The Power of Printing


The Power of Printing

Our world today is defined by information. It can be news, advertising, film, photography, written or spoken. Whether we know it or not, our lives revolve around this form of communication and we live and breathe it everyday. Just think about how many forms or advertising or news you see on a daily basis? Could one count it all? When you sit down and and think about it, it is even in movies and films. This is why marketing your business in today’s times is so important, one definitely does not want to be left behind.

The use of advertising in Newspapers and Magazines, Direct Mail and Post Box Drops are very important print components to support and grow businesses and brands.

In a world where google, websites and social media have gained immense popularity over the last 12 years, it is equally important to remember that print media is just as effective and important to utilize in your business. Using the power of both Web and Print is the most highly effective way to boost your business.

When it comes to print media, it is important to remember the following:

  1. Print media is tangible. many people prefer to hold and feel paper. With it in their hands, it means the content is real, it exists and there is an unspoken trust in that. People experience a complete sensory experience with printed advertising as opposed to web which boosts sales. One can feel the paper, smell the ink and a printed item can remain in one’s home for months after printing and distribution giving more people the opportunity to read and note it’s contents.

  2. Printing has built a reputation over many years of being a trusted source of news and information whether it be a leaflet, newspaper or product catalogue. It also adds credibility to one’s message.

  3. Advertising can fit specific needs, it has more flexibility when considering budgets, design and print requirements be it a flyer or brochure.


So how can one effectively use print in your business marketing plans?

  1. Be consistent with your branding and image.

  2. Use both digital and print together, they are stronger when they support each other.

  3. Target your audience and send out your printed adverts to a certain demographic or area to ensure you reach your specific target market.

  4. Use quality of special finishes such as laminating, die cutting, foiling, paper textures and thicknesses to portray the qualities of your brand. For instance, a thicker paper and high quality prints can portray a more upmarket feel, however, it is important to mention that you have to remember who exactly is your target audience.

If you would like some advice as to how best to market your business, do not hesitate to give us a call so we may guide you with any printing or digital media requirement you may have.

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